ModiBot Core figure kit Ver1

Stoked! Last night, I finished putting a whole kit together, posted it to Shapeways and ordered two full figures. Oh, yeah.

Matched up the parts pretty well (all with new X ball design, open sockets, and cruciform shafts). Just noticed that I didn’t cruciform the wrists on my hand parts, but that will have to wait for now. Threw the knife and sheath in for good measure. We don’t want to have a figure without something to do.

These will show up on or around the 13th. From there, I’ll start focusing more on accessories and the outer build system. My rudimentary 3d skills have gotten me this far, but the next round will be a bit tougher, using softer and more complex mechanical and organic shapes. That’ll be a fun thing to sketch on over Xmas break.

I’m going to drop one in Wyatt’s stocking. He’s been pretty interested in how its all evolving, but frustrated that he can’t play with all my proto parts laying around on my desk.

Check out the pics!

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