Incoming! Product restock list & availability dates

Incoming! Product restock list & availability dates

The influx of new users this past 2 months has been absolutely awe-inspiring! Welcome everyone!

Since things have been a bit crazy, I wanted to take a few minutes to give some perspective on product availability.

Generally, summer is the slowest time of the year for me, so this huge influx from The Crafsman's awesome ModiBot video created an unexpected amount of traffic so we've been trying to keep up with demand.

As many of you have seen, a large part of ModiBot system is created with 3D printing. Creating small batches of our parts has allowed us to provide a lot of variety in kits and accessories. But with the increase in traffic, that 'just-in-time' batch model is being put to the test. We're making some changes and trying to increase stock levels, but the good part is that this is proof that the system works. 

Hopefully, this will answer some of your questions about what is happening and what is coming.

Limited figure colors- As far as the limited color selection for the Mo figure, we have been working to 'reshore' ModiBot Mo figure production to the United States. Its been a tricky process and has limited the color selection available in the shop. We were getting close to getting the new supplier on line and then COVID hit slowing the process to a standstill. Now that things are moving again, we'll focus first on stocking the basics- black and white first, then following up after with colors like red and blue that have been out of stock for a while. I'll know more about timing within the next few weeks.

Restocks of printed figure accessories- We already have several orders of new and existing kits on the way. One important thing to note, some out-of-stock parts (marked with an *) are contained in the larger sets, so once these parts come in it will mean that the larger kits will also be restocked.

Here is a list of what's coming and when

Oct 10- (approx.)

  • New Product! Mohawk for Mo (& Moli) figures

    Oct 14- (approx.)

    • New Product! BrainBody in spooky blue and sickly pink colors
    • New Product! BrainBody in white
    • New Product! BrainHead w/socket 
    • New Product! MutantBrain cap in white and spooky blue

    Once again, thanks again for your support and patience! You are helping to grow an indie-scale business that is built to support creativity and doesn't rely on the global mass supply chain.


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    Mo on

    Jae and Calvin,
    The last set of prints failed due to some issues with the frame that binds all the parts together as one kit. I. will need to make some modifications to the frame before I reorder.

    I’ll try to schedule so time to do that in the next week. Its likely that items will take about 3 weeks to restock once I make the mods and order them.

    Sorry for the delay. That kit generally has a slower rate of sale, so I marked it as low priority.



    Calvin on

    When are you getting the meta claws back in stock?

    Jae Ehrenhaft on

    Are there any plans to restock the ‘Meta’ Claw Arm Set for ModiBot?

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