It all starts here

Say 'Hello' to Mo!

The ModiBot Mo figure is the centerpiece of our build system and the hero of YOUR story. He's highly poseable and easy to upgrade. 

Think of Mo as a tool to help bring your own creative projects to life. He's like a poseable blank body that you can craftily cover with your own designs or deck out in a variety of our fun, pre-made accessories.

Character Design System

Create your own adventures

You have chosen a Mo figure, now accessorize him with a wide selection of 3d printed upgrade and accessories. Choose from any number of themed action kits -OR- throw away the instructions and assemble your own mix-and-match creations from scratch.

Free 3D models

Design or Print your own!

For more ideas about customization, please check out our ever-increasing slew of compatible 3d printed upgrade parts and kits. You can also see a ton of free 3D printable models on Thingiverse or try your hand at creating or modding your own ModiBot-compatible acessories on Tinkercad.

Order custom kits

Figures & Accessories Made-to-order

Not seeing what you want? Choose from a selection of on-demand products from a variety of materials, colors, and finishes in our ModiBot Custom Shop at

Explore 3D Design & Printing

ModiBot was inspired by the possibilities of 3d design and desktop printing and we offer a variety of free 3d models to download and print on