A Refocus …and Reboot

A Refocus …and Reboot


As many of you have seen, the store has been low on stock for the better part of a year. 

I’ve invested approximately 14 years into nurturing ModiBot, from a single 3d printed test part on Shapeways, up through the successful Kickstarter that launched the 5-inch ModiBot Mo figure, the subsequent evolution through tons of new kits and accessories, numerous convention appearances, and the launch of two different shops.  You have bought roughly 50,000 Mo figures and an innumerable amount of accessories for him.

People love ModiBot’s ‘blankness’ which gives them the freedom to imagine their own adventures and exploits and the ability to simply personalize and gear up their figure.

Its versatile hands-on creative play has been used in education by teachers, summer camps, and even universities for stop motion filmmaking. It enables people to easily tell their own stories through, play, photography, and video.

The Mo figure has been the workhorse and backbone of ModiBot since the Kickstarter in 2013, but, with great sadness, it’s time for him to retire.

For years, I have struggled through manufacturing and restocking issues with the Mo kit and it has caused a continued sap on my resources, energy, and focus. It's been a rollercoaster, to say the least.

In the end, I created ModiBot with an eye toward the future: the opportunity and promise of 3d printing and the ability to manufacture products on demand. This whole approach reduces the need for huge upfront investment and purchase of boatloads of inventory which sit on the shelf in boxes waiting to be sold. 

Brands like ModiBot have continually failed at retail because they have trouble maintaining the sales and momentum of branded figure kits. By selling directly to users online, I have been able to grow and expand the ModiBot build system.

Rebooting ModiBot

For ModiBot to move forward, I need to shift focus to a more affordable approach- the 3-inch ‘Myke’ scale.

Myke was the first kit available for sale and was first launched at Bay Area Maker Faire in 2013 as we were ramping up for the Mo Kickstarter. People loved the brightly-colored Mo figures on display, but Myke was the hero product that paid for the trip. 

By moving to the smaller scale, I can make Myke and all his compatible upgrades more affordable. This scale will enable me to innovate and test new ideas to keep the brand alive and thriving.

This will also be a turning point for the build system. I have downscaled the ball size on the new Myke figure to 5mm from the original 6mm on Mo, Moli, and original Myke. 5mm will become the new connector standard across all new ModiBot kits.

There will be some confusion as I try to support both older Mo accessories and the new Myke scale. It's a real possibility that people will select and purchase items that are incompatible with each other, so please be aware as you are purchasing. As I restructure the store, I will try to make it very clear which items are compatible.

What does this mean for Mo?

  1. I am pulling Mo figures down from the store. I will not be restocking the molded figures for the foreseeable future
  2. Thousands of you already own a Mo, so I will continue to sell weapons and accessories for him, but I won’t be selling the traditional, injection-molded figure kits that people know and love.
  3. I have a very limited stock of Mo figure parts, so as people encounter breaks, I will continue to replace them as long as the stock allows.

My Undying Gratitude and Thanks

I recognize that many of you will be disappointed but the shift away from Mo. I, too, am heartbroken, but hopefully, this creates clarity on what to expect moving forward.

Your continued support has allowed ModiBot to thrive and grow beyond a single product. I can’t thank you enough for helping me to pursue the dream that is ModiBot and for all the experiences the journey has provided. 

I continue to be humbled, amazed, and inspired by the creative projects you have brought to life with ModiBot.

Thank you. 🙏

- Wayne

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