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Visual FX for stopmotion- Featured artist: Tony Booth a.k.a Flash Flanker

Visual FX for stopmotion This short called ‘Dark Soul’ is from newcomer Tony Booth a.k.a Flash Flanker. What I love about Tony’s approach here is that he instantly starts out creating a feeling that the world is off-kilter. The flashing imagery and severe lighting make the scenes fell more creepy even though they are well […]

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Green screen animation technique- Featured artist: Mauricio Lozano

Green screen animation technique This clip below from Mauricio Lozano features several higher-level animation techniques. The first is filming against a green screen. This compositing technique allows you to crop out the background and replace the it with a photograph or 3d modeled scene. As you can see from the final composite, this technique is […]

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Mo as a simple stop motion animation armature

ModiBot Mo works great as a stop motion animation armature. It’s amazing to see how much time, passion and hard work Mike put into this short. I love that you can’t even see the bots beneath and the hand-made clothing truly brings the animation to life. Great work, Mike. Really inspiring! See more of his […]

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