Green screen animation technique- Featured artist: Mauricio Lozano

Green screen animation technique

This clip below from Mauricio Lozano features several higher-level animation techniques.

The first is filming against a green screen. This compositing technique allows you to crop out the background and replace the it with a photograph or 3d modeled scene. As you can see from the final composite, this technique is great for saving on the time of building elaborate sets allowing you to drop your characters into more fantastical settings.

The second technique build upon the first. Mauricio is using green ModiBot parts to construct his own posing rig. This rig allow the animator to create the illusion of the figure floating in the air during acrobatics or effects-based sequences. This type of rig is pretty versatile and can be attached to the walls or floor of the set.

The final step in his process is to composite the scene in software like Adobe After Effects, but some effects can be achieved using simpler editors like iMovie. The clip turned out great and we’re excited to see more examples of Mauricio’s work.


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