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Making female figures with the Moli Modifier upgrade kit

We are constantly being asked for some parts that more 'female' to complement to Mo. During our Kickstarter campaign, we came up with the idea to make a small set of female parts that you could mix with Mo to get a whole new female figure and we called her Moli.

Originally, the only way to get Moli was as made-to-order kit from our ModiBot Custom shop. We have been selling the Basic Moli upgrade (which consists of a hip and torso) for several years, but, for the first time, we're now selling the Deluxe Moli Modifier kit here in our shop.

The kit, available in white, is 3d printed in Polyamide, which is a form of polyester and comes on a single frame to make it easy to process and ship. In addition to the torso and hip parts found in the Basic set, the Deluxe Modifier set includes hands, feet, and ponytail, 7 parts in all.

When you receive the kit, it is best to trim the parts off the frame using small wire snips, cuticle scissors, or, if you are careful, an exacto knife. (See the green lines on the image below to know where to cut).

Moli Modifier Frame

Once you've trimmed them off the frame, these 3d printed parts (shown in white) can then be added to various parts from the Mo figure (shown above in pink) to complete your Moli.

As with Mo, Moli can be used for any number of creative projects, from drawing practice, to DIY character crafts, to stopmotion animation. Where she goes is driven by your imagination.

ModiBot Moli female figure kits revealed @Kickstarter

ModiBot Moli female Figure Kits @Kickstarter ModiBot Kickstarter Update #4- Announcing the new Moli Modifier: Female figure kits & unlocking the first bonus options- new yellow figure color, and Angel-themed Choose-a-hero accessory kit

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Intro to Moli- the female ModiBot

Out of the way, Mo! Welcome, Moli, to the ModiBot figure family. We could certainly use a bit of feminine flair around this place. Check out her page at our Shapeways BotShop See more picks at Flickr

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