Its is Alive! New pricing for the ModiRaptor kit

Its is Alive! New pricing for the ModiRaptor kit

3d printed product require a different approach than traditional manufactured parts and one important way is that its very difficult for the printing company to track all kinds of loose parts when they come out of the printer. Its pure chaos.

To reduce the price on many of our kits, we've taken the time to start putting the kits on frames (or sprues) like you might see in a model kit. This brings the price down by reducing labor costs and make many of the larger kits, like the ModiRaptor DIY Dino Kit, more affordable.


At 47 pieces its one of the more complex items to assemble, but all the extra articulation points make it one of the most fun kits to pose and play with.

Building your own ModiRaptor? Click here to see or download assembly instructions

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