ModiBot Mo+ Figure armature for polyclay sculpting & stopmotion animation


ModiBot Mo+ (plus) Figure armature for polyclay sculpting & stopmotion animation- Bring your creations to life with this highly posable and customizable figure armature. The perfect tool for making handmade custom action figures or poseable character models for stopmotion animation.

Sculpting with polyclay- With this new material, you can sculpt polyclay (Sculpey/Fimo) directly onto your ModiBot parts for designing your own custom characters.

CAUTION: Do NOT bake your ModiBot kit while assembled.

  • Each part MUST be baked separately so the heat doesn't stretch out the ball joints.
  • Use caution when handling parts in and around the oven. Handling heated parts can cause serious burns. 
  • Please allow 15-20 minutes to cool before handling.

Construction- Mo's body contains 15 interlocking parts connected through a series of ball joints, axles, caps, and pegs. This construction means that Mo is not only extremely poseable but also highly customizable. Choose from a variety of colors. 19 parts in all.

Note: ModiBot figure kits can be difficult to assemble and are recommended for users 13+

Parts are manufactured of high-impact Polypropylene making for a strong and durable figure. The parts in this kit are recyclable as plastic #5.

For more ideas about customization, please check out our ever-increasing slew of compatible upgrade parts and kits at our 3D printed BotShop.

Assembly instruction PDF- Mo Instructions

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