Techniq-compatible ball joint set for ModiBot


Techniq-compatible ball joint set for ModiBot- This starter set of ball joint connectors is compatible with technic hex shafts and allows mixing between brick, technic, and Modibot build systems.  Perfect for making armatures and custom puppets for stopmotion animation. 

17 parts in all. This kit does NOT contain enough joints for 2 full sets of arms and legs  *Green ModiBot parts shown in the photo are not included*   Recommended for ages 13+

NOTE: This kit is 3d printed in Polyamide, a durable form of polyester, which makes them perfect for dyes or paints.

This is a creative kit for creating, upgrading, or modifying the ModiBot build system. Parts are attached to a frame to make manufacturing and shipping easier. Use caution when removing the parts from the frame. Small snips are the best way to trim them.

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