'Screw-on' ball adaptor set for ModiBot


'Screw-on' ball adaptor set for ModiBot- Add ModiBot balls connectors to anything with these ball joints that can be screwed onto a variety of objects and materials. These joints will allow you to attach any ModiBot socket to the object of your choice. Add arms and legs to almost any item. *Screws and arms/leg parts not included* 10 ball connectors in all.  Recommended for ages 13+

NOTE: This kit is 3d printed in Polyamide, a durable form of polyester, which makes them perfect for dyes or paints.

This is a creative kit for creating, upgrading or modifying with the ModiBot build system. Balls are attached to a frame to make the manufacture and shipping easier. Use caution when removing the parts from the frame. Small snips are the best way to trim them.