ModiRaptor DIY Dino Kit


ModiRaptor DIY Dino Kit

ModiRaptor is the scourge of the ModiBot universe and 47 parts of manically-poseable madness.

Highly-articulated tail and body. Vice-like jaws and 12 moving claws. Compatible with ModiBot figures and accessories. Imagine what you could build with these parts!

Construction- ModiRaptor's body contains 47 interlocking parts connected through a system of cross-compatible connectors and joints. This construction means that ModiBot figures are not only extremely poseable but also highly customizable. 

All parts are 3d printed in Polymide, a form of Nylon, and come attached to a frame to simplify shipping and handling. Please use caution when removing the parts for assembly. These parts can be custom-colored using paints or fabric dyes.

Download the instructions

This kit is compatible with the ModiBot Mo V3 figure kit available in both 3D printed and molded plastic versions. The figure comes in white.

Note: ModiBot figure kits can be difficult to assemble and are recommended for users 13+

For more ideas about customization, check out our ever-increasing slew of compatible upgrade parts and kits at our 3D printed BotShop.

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