3D Print File Set for ModiBot Moli Fem Figure

3D Print File Set for ModiBot Moli Fem Figure


ModiBot Moli 3D Print File Set- 3D Print your own ModiBot Moli figure!

Moli is the fem fatale of the ModiBot build system. This file set comes with the part to print a full Moli V3 figure. Parts include head, torso, hip, hand, shoulder, forearm, thigh, shin, feet, curvy thigh, and ponytail. Assembly required. Recommended Ages 13+

About ModiBot  ModiBot was designed for SLS printing in Polyamide (nylon), but we are working toward making him more printable at home. For best results, print in PLA (or ABS, possible) on high detail settings on any home or hobby printer (usually FDM-style printers like Creality, Prusa, or Ultimaker).

*Due to the nature of 3d printing and digital goods, this item is non-refundable.

Find more free printable accessories at our profile on Thingiverse! 

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