Mechanoid 'Meta' Arm & Leg Frame for ModiBot


Mechanoid 'Meta' Arm & Leg Frame for ModiBot- Robo-fy your ModiBot creations with this variety of hydraulically-amplified appendages. Built with lots of upgrade ports for maximum modification. This frame includes 2 hyper-poseable forearms, 2 shoulders, 2 thighs, and 2 shins. 

This part set is 3d printed in Polyamide, a durable form of polyester, and are easy to customize, paint or dye. Parts are attached to a frame for manufacture and transport, please use caution when removing parts from the frame.

Note: ModiBot figure kits can be difficult to assemble and are recommended for users 13+

This kit is compatible with the ModiBot Mo V3 figure kit available in both 3D printed and molded plastic versions. 

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