'Make-your-own-figure' ball joint set


'Make-your-own-figure' ball joint set

Have a unique idea for designing and making your own poseable characters, creatures or products? Use this versatile set of ball and socket joints to sculpt, fabricate or craft your own unique designs.

Choose from a variety of colors. Includes 15 balls and 15 sockets- 30 parts in all (figure not included). Ages 13+ *These joins are NOT for use with bakeable polyclay or other oil-base or polymer clays which might cause the plastic to become brittle.

Balls and sockets are manufactured of high-impact PETG making for a strong and durable figure. The parts in this kit are recyclable as plastic #1.

Want some ideas about how to design parts that will accept the joint set? Head to Tinkercad and see some tinkered-up sample parts to get you started.

For more ideas about customization, please check out our ever-increasing slew of compatible upgrade parts and kits at our 3D printed BotShop.

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