Hinged V-stand for Stopmotion Rigging


Hinged V-stand for Stopmotion Rigging- Just getting started in Stopmotion? You can use ModiBot figure parts to create external posing rigs for your ModiBot animations and this custom base is the perfect way to give string support for your rigging. V-stand has one ModiBot-system ball, hinged feet to spread the weight distribution and screw holes for secure attachment to a surface or weighted base.

Figure and extra extender parts sold separately.

Using an external rig will help support the weight of the figure and give it that extra bit of bouncey, life-like motion. See how to use an extra ModiBot figure to build your own external rig for greenscreen

Check out this amazing sequence by pro animator, Wayne Unten, via his Tumblr, AnimatingForFun

This is a 3D printed product, made with Polyamide, a strong and durable form of printed polyester. Recommended for ages 13+

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