ModiBot Myke 3" microfigure


ModiBot Myke 3" microfigure- Newly updated to version 4.0!  At 3 inches in height, highly-articulated Myke's parts are compatible with many ModiBot accessories like handheld weapons, hats, and foot stands. Perfect for building Chibi, child, or game-style figures or just a fidget for your desk. 15 parts in all. The figure comes in white. 

Note: Due to its smaller size, the Myke 4.0 figure uses a smaller 5mm ball connector and is NOT interchangeable with the 6mm Mo and Moli ball connectors.

Note: ModiBot figure kits can be difficult to assemble and are recommended for users 13+

Construction- Myke's body contains 15 interlocking parts connected through a series of ball joints, axles, caps, and pegs. This construction means that Myke is not only extremely poseable but also highly customizable. All parts are 3d printed in Polyamide, a form of Nylon.

For more ideas about customization, check out our ever-increasing slew of compatible upgrade parts and kits at our 3D printed BotShop.

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