Venture accessory kit for ModiBot Mo


Venture accessory kit- Equipped with his trusty sidearm, field knife, rucksack, tread soles, head phones, and beat-up ball cap, Mo is ready for trekking the impenetrable wilderness of the Tunguska permafrost or combing the mysteriously interconnected cenotes of Central America.  7 parts in all available in army green, or gray. Ages 13+

Construction- ModiBot Mo's body contains 15 interlocking parts connected through a series of ball joints, axles, caps and pegs. This construction means that Mo is not only extremely poseable, but also highly customizable. Body parts are manufactured of high-impact PETG and accessories are molded in hi-impact polypropylene making for a strong and durable figure.

System upgrade- The new ModiBot 3-series (V3) build system makes him cross-compatible between traditionally manufactured parts and a variety of 3d printed parts, allowing you to build him to your own tastes. Like many construction toys, this means that as some of the parts might wear, each part might be replaced or upgraded over the life of the product.

For more ideas about customization, check out our ever-increasing slew of compatible upgrade parts and kits at our 3D printed BotShop.

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