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SpyBorg augmentation upgrade kit SpyBorg augmentation upgrade kit


SpyBorg augmentation upgrade kit for ModiBot Mo figure



SpyBorg augmentation upgrade kit for ModiBot- The cybernetic guardian was the hero our Kickstarter campaign and allows you to upgrade your Mo figure with cybernetic replacements.

This kit is futuristically fabricated using a process called SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) in a material called Polyamide, a form of polyester.

For ages 10+. Kit includes- Clawhand with 3 poseable fingers, visor, Mechanoid Meta shin, Mechanoid Meta forearm, shoulder armor and 2 booster canisters. ModiBot Mo figure kit sold separately.

This kit is compatible with the ModiBot Mo V3 figure kit available in both 3D printed and molded plastic versions. 

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