Glyos-compatible Adaptor Set for ModiBot


Glyos-compatible Adaptor Set for ModiBot- This double-size, 3d printed creative adaptor set uses Onell Design's Glyos System connector which enables you mix-and-match between ModiBot and Glyos-compatible figure kits. Add ball joints into your customs for a new type of articulation. 20 parts in all.  Recommended for ages 13+

NOTE: This kit is 3d printed in Polyamide, a durable form of polyester.  Due to the nature of the process, the natural white sets have a matte, grainy finish like sandpaper. The colored kits, are polished and dyed to remove the gritty finish, but retain a cool, matte finish.

This is a creative kit for upgrading your ModiBot or Glyos-compatible figures, it comes on attached to a sprue (or frame) like a model kit. Use caution when removing the parts from the frame. Small snips are the best way to trim them.


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