Galvanic Blade RoboSkin figure


Galvanic Blade RoboSkin figure- Gigantic armored ground-support troopers for the Galvan Armada. Named for their titanic photonic blade weapons, these warrior mechs are the front line of defense against the diabolic mega-beasts increasingly plundering the outer planets. These guardians battle fiercely to stop wave after wave of the darkling beasts from beyond. What dangers are coalescing at galaxies edge?

This figure marks the first of a series of ModiBot RoboSkin figures. Built atop the Mo figure frame, these figures offer a new level of detail on top of Mo's expressive poseability. These figure are offered in a variety of custom formats to allow the user to custom paint their own figures from a custom blank to collect a one-of-kind custom-painted character. Blanks are priced without weapons, while colorways come with matching warblades.

Accessory parts are laser-printed in polyamide, a form of polyester, and polished to a satin finish. These parts are easily paintable and can be dyed for colorfastness. Recommended for ages 13+.

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