ModiBot Stopmotion Storyteller Kit


ModiBot Stopmotion Storyteller kit

Get your hands on the quickest, most expressive way to start making character-based stopmotion animation. This kit comes with a multitude of tools for telling your first animated story, including 2 ball-jointed ModiBot Mo figures, the ultra-expressive Mobility torso kit, magnetic foot soles, a screw-down rig base, and a third Mo figure kit, which easily reconfigures into an articulated, external support rig- all contained in a sturdy storage case.

It's the perfect tool to breathe life into your characters. Plus, ModiBot offers a wide variety of themed outfits and accessories to help set the stage for your next heroic outing.

The torso section of this kit is 3d printed in white and comes as parts on a frame. Please use caution when removing parts. See attached photos for proper product assembly. Attach the rig to the torso via the rear spinal attachment point.


ModiBot figure kits can be difficult to assemble and are recommended for users 13+

3d printed parts- If you are having trouble assembling the white printed torso or the sockets seem to be too tight, try clearing any excess powder from the sockets you can do this with a toothpick or even toothbrush. Once the socket is cleared, the parts should grip the ball correctly.


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